Building Brand Awareness with Google Adwords

Google Adwords can help you build brand awareness and increase positive associations of your businesses and its products and services. There are a number of ways people can interact with your brand and these include spending time on your site, downloading your app, watching your videos and communicating with other customers.

Display Network

The display network provides the best opportunity to build brand awareness. It gives you the opportunity to connect with prospects at the right time on thousands of placements that make up the Google Display network. Using rich media ads and CPM bidding, you can reach your target markets using placements in Adwords.
Google’s Display network partners include a wide range of sites that are part of its Adsense program and they are known as publishers – and they publish advertisers’ text and banner ads on their sites.
There are various placement types available on the Display network and it’s important that you pick the right ones that are in line with your brand and are frequented by your target markets. So you should avoid placing your ads on sites that could damage your brand such as the examples in the diagram below:

Types of adwords placements
The placements options you have are many and you could include or block the following:
• Forums
• Social networks
• Parked domains
• Error pages
• In-game sites
• And more
There are two options to placing your ads on these sites and they include automatic and managed placements.
Automatic placements are based on the keywords that you add t your ad groups and the system finds sites that have those keywords in their content. It has many disadvantages because it gives you less control on were your ads will appear. For example, if you haven’t excluded apps, you will get a lot of app traffic, and from my experience this traffic has a low conversion rate, because many people who use apps accidentally click ads because of the small screen size.
With managed placements, you get to choose the sites to advertise on and gives you greater control over where your ads appear. There have been many embarrassing stories of companies and government departments automatically placing their ads on sites that are ethically and morally questionable.

Search Network

The search network is an important link in the path to purchase because when people have become familiar with and have a favourable view of your brand, they will use to two main ways to come to your site:
1. They may bookmark your website and use that to come directly, or they will type your web address in the browser. This shows up as direct (none) traffic in your analytics and these visitors will be familiar with your website

2. They will search for your business name on Google and surprisingly, many people still search using a domain name. So, if your business comes up in the Organic results, they will click through to your site. However, you may have some powerful competitors who will outrank you for your own brand name, and I often see this for businesses that have a generic name or category name that cannot be trademarked.

In such a case, it’s best to run a PPC campaign to get prominent position and not lose customers to the competition.

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