Case Study 1: Bubbles Shopping Comparison is a leading UK shopping comparison site that finds the best products for shoppers by visiting thousands of online shops and searching through millions of products to find the best price for its visitors.
It’s like having a personal shopper and one of its unique features is to keep looking when you can’t – all day and every day – and saves you time and money.

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The Challenge

They approached us to carry out a review of their Adwords PPC campaigns after facing a number of challenges including:
• Low visitor engagement and below average performance of key engagement metrics such as bounce rate, visitor duration and average page views as below
• Precise targeting of campaigns to the target market which is 18-34 Year olds (Millennials)
• Network and category budget allocation and how to approach the display network

One of their main objectives was to reduce bounce rate to less than 45% for Adwords traffic

The Solution

After carrying out a full audit of the account, campaigns and analytics reports we were able to identify the main problems which had little to do with the website itself, but with keyword targeting
However, some landing pages required changing due to the high bounce rates. We tested other pages and found that they were sending visitors to the wrong landing pages too.

As a shopping comparison site with millions of products it has been a challenge to identify categories to promote on Google beyond obvious fashion shopping products such as clothes, footwear and jewellery. So we have tested a wide range of ads for various categories including office supplies, toys, consumer electronics and more.

For these and clothing, footwear and accessories we have realised better performance for more generic keywords than product specific keywords and one of the reasons is that many of these visitors are in shopping research mode and are interested in a wide range of products and brands – so we created a remarketing campaign to remind them of the products and categories they are interested in and to bring them back to the site.

For the display network, we have created a demographic targeting campaign and identified placements/sites frequented by 18-34 year old females in particular who are interested in the latest fashions, clothing an entertainment – and to begin with, we have allocated a 10% budget for this campaign with the objective to increase it as engagement metrics improve.

We also tested how they respond to money-off offers on banner ads on placements we were advertising on. One set of banner ads had a big 75% Off offer on all products in the categories – Shoes, Clothing and toys – and another that highlighted other key benefits like range of products, price alert feature etc. The ads with the key benefits outperformed the 75% Off ads for click through rate (CTR) confirming that price does not rule the web, but trust, quality and precise targeting do.

Overall, conversion rates are up for retailers listed on Bubbles and engagement metric targets have been achieved – bounce rate and pages/session

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