Case Study 2: Affiliate Network

Paid on Results is a leading UK affiliate network that brings together hundreds of merchants with thousands of publishers in a booming revenue generating industry and they have partnered with many leading UK eTailers.
In this fast growing industry, they have established themselves as a trusted platform and this is revealed in high retention rates such as an over 50% return rate.

Digital Marketing Case Study
The Challenge
One of the challenges has been to increase new visitors through Adwords campaigns without cannibalising current organic traffic sources. Looking at the high organic volumes and direct traffic volumes it seemed like all bases had been covered.
However, with an in-depth keyword research task, we were able to identify category keywords that they weren’t ranking for.
The Solution
We were able to identify keywords that they weren’t ranking for and launched a Search campaign to target these keywords.
The result is that the Multi-channels funnels now reveal that close to 20% of conversions are from one-click Adwords traffic and this represents a large number of completely new registrants.
First click and Last click attribution in Analytics also reveals that Adwords traffic is a big factor in these models and is even leading to more conversions.
Also, because there are no competitors bidding on the brand name, it was decided to stop all brand name bidding because this was leading to keyword cannibalisation.