Case Study 4: The Furniture Shop

The Furniture Shop is a Toronto based store that offers its customers the best and latest in classic and modern bedroom, living, dining and office furniture for the home and business. With an established presence in Toronto and surrounding areas as one of the leading furniture stores, they were doing little to establish a digital presence and use the web as an acquisition channel and a way to connect with prospects.

The Furniture Shop


The Challenge

The Furniture Shop was receiving high volume Organic traffic however, they weren’t seeing much benefit from this traffic and they weren’t too sure how this was contributing to foot traffic into the store and conversions on the website.
They also wanted to run an adwords campaign to increase acquisition, without cannibalising their current organic traffic. So an extensive keyword research programme was required, to target keywords that they weren’t ranking for.

The Solution

The first action we took was setting various goals to assess performance and this included engagement goals such as tracking visitors spending more than 5 minutes on the site and viewing specific pages. We were able to segment these visitors and then build remarketing audiences to retarget them with special offers available online and in-store.
A less technical problem with the site is that they had many opportunities to track actions on the site including using the contact form, search functionality, email signup, room planner and many others, but they had no ‘thank you’ page for each which is important to track goals.
We were able to identify many medium traffic, long tail keywords from our keyword research, and from the first interaction attribution model we have seen that it has led to an over 10% increase in visitor acquisition.