Case Study 5: Recruitment Business

Quarsh is a recruitment business based in Milton Keynes. Their core service is recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and they have a broad network of specialists in recruitment.

Recruitment Case Study


The Challenge

The main challenge they had was acquiring targeted traffic from visitors that would be interested in RPO and get in touch to find out more about their offer. Organic traffic conversion rate was below 1% and this was insufficient to see a good ROI despite driving over 60% of traffic.
Display traffic in Adwords was underperforming too and there weren’t any leads coming in from this network despite the low acquisition costs.

The Solution

The decision was taken to focus efforts on the search network and the best performing keywords would be used for organic ranking purposes too. We ditched the display network and only used it for a remarketing campaign.

The Result

Analytics has proven to be an effective tool to improve performance and results so far shows that search traffic is driving about 45% of conversions despite only bring in 6% of traffic.