SEO Audit Checklist: Factors to consider

An SEO audit is one of the most important tasks to carry out as an SEO practitioner or website owner. There are many areas to cover in an audit and because Search Engine Optimisation is a relatively new marketing discipline, there is a high possibility of finding problems in website and search optimisation. For example, […]

SEO v PPC: How Do They Match Up?

SEO and PPC are two of the most popular digital channels for online marketers and website owners. Both pose a challenge in budget and resource allocation and how their implementation and management are undertaken. Here are some truths you will often hear regarding SEO and PPC and that you need to take into consideration as […]

How To Get FREE Website Traffic– Lesson 4

In lesson 3 we created content for your website. That content will be the vehicle to drive visitors to your website. But that won’t just happen by chance. You have to let people know about your content. That means you have to put it out there. And not just anywhere on the web. But to […]

How To Promote Your Website – Lesson 1

Welcome to the How To Promote Your Website mini-course. This course will equip you with skills you’ll need to make your online presence a success. I will reveal to you some of the easy ways to bring in FREE traffic to your website. And how to boost your sales or leads without breaking the bank. […]

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