Search Engine Optimisation

Are you struggling to get your website to the top of Google? Maybe you’ve tried to building links to your site hoping to get it to the top…but you’ve seen little success.Search

Perhaps your business currently suffers from one of these problems:

  • your website can’t be found on Google
  • It has low website Traffic
  • You have a low budget or none at all
  • No time
  • No experience
  • Low conversions
  • Or you’ve been hit by Google Penalties – like Penguin and Panda


We are passionate about SEO and we want to see your business succeed. And to do that we’ve developed a proven system to get your site to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo that will bring you lots of sales or leads.

Our methods are completely White Hat – and that means we focus on your target audience and not search engines and we completely follow Google rules and policies.

So you will never have to worry about being penalised. And once your website gets to the top, it will remain there and not drop rankings.

And to show you how serious we are…

Here’s a sample of the benefits your business will receive from high search engine rankings

  • You will achieve high rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo and your site will remain there and not drop rankings
  • Your site will be on the first page of Google and this will mean a lot of traffic to your website for the keywords you’ve chosen
  • It will increase the visitors to your website and will mean more sales for your products or services
  • You won’t pay for any advertising and all the traffic sent to your website will be FREE – so you will spend your budget on other areas of your business
  • All visitors to your website will be people who have an interest in your products or service – and this beats all other forms of marketing including radio, TV, Direct Mail etc on targeted traffic
  • Your website will have increased visibility in the search engines and you will have more visitors and it will skyrocket your sales
  • SEO is by far one of the cheapest forms of marketing (if not the cheapest), so in other words you’ll be getting FREE sales with nothing to pay (we only charge based on results)
  • Why spend money to get visitors to your website when you can get this FREE by having high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • You can measure all your website traffic and see which keywords are bringing you the most traffic and increasing your sales
  • Once you gain high search engine rankings, your site will stay there for a long time unlike Pay Per Click Advertising which can be costly and could deplete your advertising budget if not managed well
  • SEO has one of the highest ROI (Return On Investment) and this increases your sales and profits and means more success for your business
  • You can weather any financial storms or Recessions with Search Engine Optimisation because there will always be someone looking for your products or services and you won’t have to pay a penny on any advertising
  • It’s a dirt cheap method to online success
  • You won’t need brick and mortar because you will get thousands of visitors to your website from any location you want without the overhead costs too – and the best part is you will be more profitable
  • Your website will be where everyone is looking for your products or services – the search engines.
  • You can run your business from any location and not have to worry about low shop footfall because your website will be receiving tons of traffic
  • No payment to send to the Search Engines to get your site indexed and ranked – the days of web directories are behind us and now you don’t need to pay anything to be listed
  • A first page presence on Google means strong credibility for your business and helps build your brand
  • And so much more!


Why choose to work with us


Don’t sign up with so-called SEO experts with little or no experience. Your website is valuable and it should be treated so. And you want to avoid Google penalties too.

Hence the reason we only use ethical White Hat SEO methods to get it to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other top search engines.


Call us on 01908 533252 to speak to an SEO Expert. And begin your journey to high search engine rankings