Web Analytics

How To Measure and Track Your Success!

Do you struggle to see what your visitors are up to on your website? Do you know which content on your site is turning your visitors away? Do you know where they are dropping off on the way to checkout?google-analytics-services

And would you like to know which advertising campaigns are bring you the best ROI (Return On investment)?

These and other questions are answered when you have an effective Web Analytics package in place. One such package is Google Analytics which allows you to delve into your visitors mind and understand what they really need from your business.


Here’s a sample of what Website Analytics Reveals…

  • You get an insightful look on your customers and see what they are really up to on your website
  • You can monitor all the steps that your customers take on your website and see which pages they like or dislike
  • See where your website visitors drop off and look into greater detail why they are leaving your website from those pages
  • Find out which keywords led visitors to your site and which search engines, Directories or websites they came from – you can now even know which sites they went to after they’ve left yours – amazing!
  • You can now see how often visitors are returning to your website and which pages they have most interest in – and you can tweak your website according to this data and promote your most popular products or services
  • It helps you optimise your website for your visitors and the search engines. Once you’ve studied the actions that visitors take on your website, you can action some changes – so this puts you in a better position to write better Ads and create higher converting pages
  • Now you will know your best converting products and which ones are dragging your business down
  • Web Analytics helps you reshape your site navigation to assist your visitors and improve their browsing experience
  • It assists you to formulate an e-marketing plan that is based on solid facts and not mere probabilities
  • You will know what is popular on your site and what the market really wants and likes (and we’ve teamed up with a marketing software firm that allows you to see more details like address and phone number, just from their IP address – amazing stuff!)
  • You will know where your visitors came from and where they go to after visiting your website
  • Fix any errors on your website and keep your site up-to-date with alerts from Webmaster Tools
  • Find out how many times people are revisiting your site (Low Returning visitors may indicate a problem – analytics will help you take appropriate action)
  • And so much more!


As you may know, Google looks at a number of factors on your site to determine its ranking. It looks for:

  • Fast website Load time
  • Good Site navigation
  • Links on your site and where they are pointing to
  • Original content that’s found nowhere else
  • The stickiness of your website (that is, is your web content keeps your visitors engaged)
  •  And so many other factors

The task then is to ensure your site is positive for all these factors. And without a solid understanding of the Analytics metrics, you’ll never fully understand why your site is not ranking well.

Fortunately, we have a team that’s here to help. We will show you what action needs to be taken. And what you need to improve to build your web presence.

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