How to Outrank Competitors on Google Adwords

One of the difficulties of managing Adwords campaigns is trying to outrank a competitor that is determined to take top position in the sponsored ads. This can easily turn in to a very expensive task if two competitors have locked horns for the number 1 spot. Your Auction Insights Report is a valuable report that […]

How to improve keyword Quality Scores

Quality Score (QS) is one of the key features of an Adwords campaign that could determine true success from failure. The quality score for each keyword is rated on a scale of 1-10 and it is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by your keywords. It’s one of two […]

Using Google AdWords for Marketing Research

Google Adwords equips you with the resources you need to carry out quantitative Marketing Research for a fraction of the cost. It provides you with demographic, geographic, keyword, category, device and placement data that assist you to gain a deeper insight with your target markets. The two main tools are the Keyword Planner and Display […]

Competitor Spoiling Tactics on Google AdWords

So you’ve researched your keywords and target market, built your Ads and are ready to launch your campaigns and realise big profits from Google AdWords. However, you haven’t factored one key element – your competitors. Competitors will often react to any additions, changes, updates or revisions you make to your Ads on Google to counter […]

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