AdWords Campaign vs. Ad Groups: How to Setup and Structure Your PPC Account

Many advertisers fail to structure their PPC Adwords Campaigns and Ad Groups appropriately to make their Ads more effective. In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes that both beginners and seasoned advertisers make and until they correct this, they get little benefit from their accounts. The reality is your campaigns and ad groups […]

Competitor Spoiling Tactics on Google AdWords

So you’ve researched your keywords and target market, built your Ads and are ready to launch your campaigns and realise big profits from Google AdWords. However, you haven’t factored one key element – your competitors. Competitors will often react to any additions, changes, updates or revisions you make to your Ads on Google to counter […]

Effective AdWords Implementation for Local Service Businesses

I’ll highlight some of the key features that every local service business should implement in Google AdWords – especially service businesses targeting local consumers. Some features are essential and some are nice to have and they all help to differentiate your business, boost click through rate (CTR) and ultimately improve Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). […]

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